New Band of the Day: Terrifier

Terrifier (2013)

Today we have a band from British Columbia (as opposed to Columbian Columbia, which is a bit further away). Originally known as Skull Hammer, they recently changed name to the less battle metal-esque and far more awesome Terrifier.

With a name like Skull Hammer, you expect songs about trolls, goblins, swords and acres of bloodied remains. Terrifier, however, is more a name you’d associate with buzzsaw speed thrash riffs. Thing is, you’ve pretty much got both.

Their album Destroyers of the Faith has song titles such as “The Valkyrie”, “The Age of Steel” and “Of Victory and Valor”. Whereas the sound of the band is far more Children of Bodom than Hammerfall in places. Having said that, there are still some chuggy battle-y riffs kicking about, such as in the intro to “Legions of the Dead”.

I just like the name Terrifier. I also like the music.

They’ve got two EP’s out (I think) as well as the album, and you can dig out some more information on them via their facebook page. Just tell ’em the Moshville Times sent you.

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