New Band of the Day: Silent Scream

Silent Scream

A band I’ve had an eye on for a while as  friend is doing some work for them, I just realised that I’ve not given them a NBotD entry. They’ve just released their debut EP for free download so it made sense to pop them on today.

Silent Scream are a 5-piece from Greenock. For foreigners, that’s basically Glasgow. Same accent anyway. They’ve been around for quite some years, but were inactive for may of them due to silly things getting in the way like marriage and children. Pff, and they call themselves metal…

Anyhoo – they’re back with their own brand of classic thrash-influenced music, playing anywhere that will let them loose on a stage. SoundCloud auto-embeds are still being a bitch so I can’t pop the music directly below, so follow this link to have a listen to the EP and make up your own mind.

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