New Band of the Day: Rare Breed

Rare Breed

I can’t believe I’ve not listed this band, despite plugging a load of their gigs on facebook over the last year or so. They’re a bunch of snot-nosed young upstarts from Glasgow (so I better pretend I didn’t call them snot-nosed in case they kill me to death with Buckfast bottles) who play some decent heavy material and a variety of covers.

I first saw them opening for Tigertailz and Spit Like This at the Cathouse some time ago, and they impressed me. Given their ages, they filled the stage and threw out a very impressive amount of noise. Confidence counts for a lot, and these guys have bag-loads of it. Probably stolen from somewhere but, hey – they have it.

They recently released a split EP with another local band and they seem to be playing live more often. I’ve not had the chance to catch them since that first gig and I kick myself every time a missed concert goes by, but I will catch them again – and I recommend you do to. Keep an eye out for local support slots for touring bands as I’m sure these will be their best opportunities to play to an unsuspecting crowd.

Obligatory link to their facebook page.

I’m rushed for time and my internet connectivity is a bit pants right now, so here’s a link to their SoundCloud page. Apologies for the lack of video, but the only one I could find quickly had really poor sound which didn’t do them justice.

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