New Band of the Day: PowerGlove

Powerglove – Saturday Morning Apocalypse

After reminding myself of their existence yesterday and discovering that they seem to be in the process of working on new material it made some kind of sense to unleash the 80’s and 8-bit influenced PowerGlove on you.

Named for the ill-fated NES control device (the Power Glove – two words), this speed/power metal combo produce predominantly covers of well-known computer tunes. Having said that, I just spotted that they also do a version of the Inspector Gadget theme.

Whereas some may take them as a joke – and when they play live they have skimpy Gwar/Lordi-esque costumes to enhance that theory – the musicianship involved is anything but. They don’t just cover the tracks, they re-mold them so they really work in the metal medium.

Their aims for 2013 are to get some more music out, play some festivals (in North America – they’re based in Boston) and aim towards getting some gigs abroad. Best of luck to them.

With such a wealth of tracks on the YouTubery to pick from, I eventually plumped for a classic – the theme from Tetris.

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