New Band of the Day: Mongrel

Mongrel (2013)

Mongrel are a band with a lot of variety in their repertoire. They bill themselves as an “aggressive punk-rock-metal” band and they certainly cover the genres. So there’s  your pigeonhole: all of the above.

Resident in Boston, a city famed for its hardcore acts (and Aerosmith), Mongrel seem to have captured bits and pieces of various sounds and aren’t afraid to play something that doesn’t fit into any particular style. Their album Reclamation has twelve tracks covering  what I would class as punk, heavy rock and metal. There are fast, frenetic numbers. Angry, passionate ones. Slow, heavy belters.

The punk undertone does seem to be there throughout, but there’s a lot more to them than that.

They’ve already done a hell of a lot of high-profile gigs, opening for or supporting some pretty big names so they can only get better.

Definitely worth a listen if you like your music just that little bit angry.

They’re all over social media – check their “About” page on facefart for the complete (probably) list.

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