New Band of the Day: Immortal Pain

Immortal Pain

Another random discovery, this one while researching yesterday’s NBotD. If I was surprised at finding a light rock band from Saudi Arabia, imagine my delight at also discovering a melodic death one!

Immortal Pain are also based in Jeddah. Given that it’s the major urban settlement in west Saudi Arabia I guess it’s statistically not that surprising that the two bands I’ve heard of come from the same place.

Their sound, however, couldn’t be much more different to yesterday’s Breaking the Boundaries. That’s what I love about rock and metal – the sheer range.

Instead, we have some very competent thumping and screaming. Surprisingly accessible and the videos on their YouTube channel show a good variety in their catalogue. All the songs on there are being re-recorded for a forthcoming album to a better quality than that which you’ll hear in the videos. At least, I hope it’s still forthcoming as they’ve not updated their facebook page since September last year…

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