New Band of the Day: I Fight Dragons

Fanart representation (credit: Roslyn Alonzo)

I found out about this bunch of nerds (and I use the word in its most positive sense) when a friend asked for help locating a way of buying their music from the UK. Amazon does downloads, but he wanted CDs. Fortunately, their online shop ships overseas so he’s now sat waiting by his letterbox for some cheap discs in very expensive airmail envelopes.

Now they’re probably the least “metal” band I’ve featured to date but they’re still definitely a rock act. Their music is influenced by old 8-bit games, as are their videos. This gives them added geeky entertainment value. The video below is wonderful, in my opinion. But then, I subscribe to Corridor Digital and Freddie Wong‘s channels on YouTube.

The first band that springs to mind when I hear I Fight Dragons is Weezer. Or maybe Feeder in one of their sillier moods. So as I said, not metal but definitely rock – and fun rock at that. [As it happens, the singer/writer (Brian Mazzaferri) namechecks Weezer and Fountains of Wayne as two of his favourite bands in the “case study” posted in the Related Articles below – Mosh]

If nothing else, their web page is a joyous mess of 8-bit wonder and should be embalmed for generations to come to look at and say “They actually made graphics that shit back then? And people liked them?”

As far as bands inspired by video games go, at least I Fight Dragons warrant a Wikipedia page. Every time someone tries to revive Powerglove‘s, it get taken down as they’re not “important” enough. Boo. [Although note that at the time of writing I’m being proven wrong, possibly as they’re in the process of releasing more material – Mosh]

Oh, and obligatory facebook link.

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