New Band of the Day: Eradicator


Time to don the sauerkraut-tasting bibs and wash out the huge beer flagons as we stop over in Germany to be introduced to Eradicator. A four-piece set up in 2004 by a bunch of school-kids who’ve done well for themselves and are now a couple of albums down the line.

Good stuff as well, if you’re into your old school thrash sound. Crashy cymbals and crunching guitars lead the way with suitably downtrodden lyrics.

If your clothing choice extends to denim jackets covered in patches then this is probably for you. The track below (“Final Dosage”) is very typical of what you can expect from the rest of their stuff – which means nothing to complain about.

You’ll find more info (and probably more tracks to listen to) on their facebook and official pages.

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