New Band of the Day: Deviance

Deviance (2012)

Another post for a band who got in touch. Zane from Deviance dropped me a line and told me to check out his melodic hardcore crew. Now, you can’t get too much hardcore and as I’m off to see Hatebreed tonight it made sense to hit that genre with the NBotD.

Deviance come from Spokane which is in somewhere called “WA” (you Americans are weird), which apprently is a good breeding ground for melodic hardcore bands. At least from my limited experience, that’s the assumption I’m making.

They’ve not got a lot of stuff online to listen to, but their facebook page has a couple of teasers and a link to their YouTube feed from where I found the track below – “Truesdale”.

It’s a lyric video and worth watching/reading through as the band have decided to target suicide/depression awareness as a core part of their music. This shows in the style of the song and in the lyrics, in much the same way that you can expect a Hatebreed song to be about empowering your own life and not letting anyone else get you down. It’s good to see a message in music these days without it being preachy.

As ever, give ’em a listen and if you like them then give them your support!

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