New Band of the Day: Dawn Heist

Dawn Heist

Heading down under today to the city that ripped off the design for the most beautiful bridge in the world and then tried to say they did it first. Sydney is home to the Vegemite Sandwich-munching Dawn Heist, an “electronic groove/melodic metal band”. They’ve been throwing down some heavy beats for three years now and have one E.P. and a ton of live shows under their leather belts to show for it.

Their sound is certainly a mix of styles with intensely heavy hardcore-esque verses battering into more harmonious bridges and choruses.

On first listen – via some crappy speakers at work – I wasn’t too impressed with the single “Nine Worlds”. Then I had another listen at home with decent headphones and a bit of bass. It improves it immensely.

So if you’re one of those weird beer-swilling kangaroo-shaggers with the daft accent and a hat with corks dangling from it, get yourself to their next live show. Grab an E.P. while you’re there – it’ll only cost you a few of your barmy plastic notes.

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