New Band of the Day: D.A.M. (Brazil)

D.A.M. (Brazil)

As promised yesterday, here’s today’s D.A.M. This bunch are from Belo Horizonte in Brazil, maybe 200 miles from Rio. Therefore, they probably get slightly better weather than the guys from yesterday. They also play a very different style of music, blasting out melodic death.

The band was originally a solo project, begun in 2009 by Guilherme de Alvarenga. He wanted to blend the classical music he was learning at college with the metal that he listened to on his own time. D.A.M. was the result. The lyrics are dark, dealing with the occult and the shadowy side of the human mind.

I’ve got their EP, Possessed, and it doesn’t mess around with any slow intros or anything. The opener “A Puppet of Revenge” just starts at 176.3mph (I measured it) and doesn’t let up. Guilherme’s classical influences are obvious from the very beginning with the opening guitars having a near violin-like tone.

If I had to pick one thing I wasn’t too keen on, it’s the vocal style. While the backing vocals are growly and deep, the leads are high pitched and strangulated. It’s just not something I’m used to. However, the pitch is toned down a little on the second track (“Rotten Hope”) to something that I found a little more easy to listen to.

It’s a great piece of work and now that D.A.M. is a fully fledged band with five members it means they can do live sets. I’m not sure if all the members were involved in recording the EP or if it was still a solo project at the time, but either way it’s a very enjoyable recording.

If you like melodic death, do give it a listen. Their facebook page is a little sparse, but if you click on the big “Play” button at the top then you can hear the tracks courtesy of a Reverbnation plug-in. They’re also on Soundcloud and Twitter.

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