New Band of the Day: Bloodthirst Rehab

Bloodthirst Rehab (2013)

Kentucky. Home of men in white suits and very scared chickens. Also of brutal metal band Bloodthirst Rehab. One’s bad for your arteries, the other one punishes your ears.

After just over five years as a band, Bloodthirst Rehab have a self-funded album (Cadens Imperium) to their name and a decent following. Their music is definitely at the harder end of the metal spectrum and would most likely appear to fans of Cannibal Corpse or Lamb of God. Yes, I know people will attempt to crucify me for placing those two in the same sentence, but give them a listen and you’ll see what I mean.

With some nice guitar playing up against a wall of crashing drums, the vocals are of the gravelly-throat variety and the songs pound through you.

There’s a sample below – their official web page has a couple as well. Do note, it autoplays a track when you get to it so don’t click the link if you’re at work in a quiet office… Check out their other online media links from there if you want more bumph or to chat to them.

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