New Bands – a quick bit of waffle


I’m finding that the New Band of the Day posts are pretty popular, especially from the point of view of the bands I’m covering! I’ll definitely be continuing with these and, in fact, am focussing on them more than most other stuff.

At the moment, I have 24 bands in the “to do” list and I tend to tackle them in a combination of when I found out about them, alphabetical order and complete randomness.

If you’ve made me aware of you, I will get round to you, but please appreciate I’m one guy with a family and a job. I do try to give the bands more than just a nod and a few lines. I read the bios, I listen to the music, I check out the videos. It takes time – something I don’t have a lot of these days.

However, I love this music and I get a buzz when a band thanks me and hopefully gets a few more sales or EP downloads out of something I wrote. So apologies for any delays, and any days that get skipped, but I will keep this going as regularly as I can!

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