New Band of the Day: Woslom

Woslom (source: Woslom fb page)

Mention “Brazil” and “thrash metal” in the same sentence and there’s one inevitable band that springs to mind (and its many spin-offs and side-projects). But Sao Paolo isn’t just home to the mighty Sepultura.

Releasing their first self-financed album in 2010 after thirteen years together as a band, Woslom are another act who deserve a bit of attention. The first thing I want to make clear is that they sound nothing like Sepultura. Their take on the thrash genre owes more to the likes of Sodom (particularly vocally) and the most recent track, “Evolustruction” sounds more like Sabaton to my ears.

The new track is from the forthcoming new album (also called Evolustruction) which is due at some time this year. It’s good to hear a difference in the material compared to the first one and I look forward to more songs from it.

Woslom toured Europe in 2012, but didn’t reach the UK. Here’s hoping with the second album they’ll manage to find their way over here – and play more than just one date in London!

You can get more information via their official web site (English) and facebook page (English / Portuguese). In the meantime enjoy the video for “Mortal Effect” – it’s well worth a watch.

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