New Band of the Day: Warbeast

What a cool logo

Originally Texas Metal Alliance and formed in 2006, the band changed their name to Warbeast in 2009. As the original name may hint, they’re from the Lone Star State – more precisely Dallas/Forth Worth. They’re also a “known” band and are signed to Housecore Records, owned by Phil Anselmo. He produced their most recent album, Destroy, so you can expect heaviness.

When you look at where the band members came from, you can see why they called it an “Alliance” in the first instance: Rigor Mortis, Gammacide, Warlock, Hammer Witch, Demonseed…

They’re a cracking thrash band with a nice, heavy, low-toned sound. The lyrics are a nice mix of old-school and traditional fantasy/metal themes, and do remind of me Anselmo’s throaty style.

Thrash is a huge genre with many bands covering all possible extremes of style within it. Warbeast sit festering in one evil corner, ready to pounce and tear your head off.

I gather they’re touring with GWAR at the moment, or did recently. If they’re still on the road, then turn up early so you don’t miss them.

Oh, and I fucking love their logo.

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