New Band of the Day: Venomous Maximus

Beg Upon The Light

A band I heard about via a press release as they have their debut album out soon (or out in October last year, depending on source… could be the international release is upcoming). One listen to the track they’ve popped up on YouTube and – yup, me like.

Venomous Maximus play “dark heavy metal”, so not black. Just dark. How dark? Pretty dark. “Can’t quite see the Lego brick on the floor as you’re trying to stumble to bed” dark. About that.

They’re a four-piece from Houston, Texas and their drummer has the best name ever: Bongo. That alone is worth buying their album for. It’s like having someone called “Plunkett” on bass guitar…

The guitars are a nice mix of crunchy/rhythmic with wailing leads while the vocals from Gregg Higgins are more spoken than sung (at least in the case of “Path of Doom”). This works really well and does definitely give them a fairly distinct sound.

More of their songs are available on their official page (which redirects to BandCamp) and they are definitely worth a listen. Further information, including tour dates, on their facebook page.

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August 6, 2013 11:20 PM

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