New Band of the Day: Vantage Point

Vantage Point [image source: official web page]
I have no idea how I came to hear of Vantage Point. It could have been someone on Twitter, or seeing them listed as playing locally or something. I know I just missed them play Glasgow (they were on at Ivory Blacks when I was over at the ABC watching The Wildhearts) so that could be it.

Regardless, there’s the usual video tagged on at the bottom and a brief description of them to follow. Which I will get on with now as it’s 2:20am as I write this and that last Jagerbomb is wearing off.

Vantage Point are a 4-piece (with occasional extra members) from Edinburgh. They play, in their own words, “traditional heavy metal” and I’d say that’s a fair description. Judging from the video and their album/EP titles, they also have a sense of humour so I can imagine their live set is pretty good.

Those titles, by the way – kicking off with 2008’s Daredevil on the Shore, on to the Driller Killer EP and Tomb of the Eagles (OK, that one’s a little more mainstream) and through current EP High Maintenance Girlfriend to upcoming album Demonic Dinner Dance – a concept album, no less.

For a self-financed band, the production on what little I’ve heard is pretty good. After pushing a couple of thrash and “swamp metal” bands the last couple of days, it’s refreshing to get back to grass roots and some nice hard rock/heavy metal sounds with a touch of humour.

As ever, give them a listen and if you like what you hear you can get their albums and so on from their official page. Prices vary from £4 to £10 including delivery which is a bloody bargain these days. You can also hit them up on the book of faces.

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James Mitchell
January 30, 2019 5:15 PM

The latest release from Vantage Point, Back at Work, has just been issued(Fri 25th Jan 2019) and is available on all the major digital platforms, along with their four albums, Daredevil on the Shore, Tomb of the Eagles, Demonic Dinner Dance & Work Work Work