New Band of the Day: Symbiotic Systems

Symbiotic Systems [All rights reserved by SymbioticSystems]
Hailing from Germany, as evidenced by the necessity of using Google Translate on their official web page, Symbiotic Systems play gothic rock. They’re a five piece including some well-used keyboards and vocal duties spread across three of the band.

They’re making good use of the social media thing, with presence on Twitter (they followed me on there, which is how I found out about them), facebook, SoundCloud, MySpace and YouTube as well as their own page.

I’ve listened to a couple of their tracks and they’re good stuff. A little slow for my liking, at least this evening, but not something I’d switch off if it came on the radio. Even between the handful of songs I’ve listened to, there’s some variety.

If I have one negative comment it’s that Diana’s vocals often sound a little weak compared to the bassy, heavy music. A boost to bring them more to the front when she’s singing lead would make the world of difference.

The mix on the live video below is actually better than I found in the studio stuff from SoundCloud. If you’re not too keen on the first track, skip through to around 5:40 where the second one starts – it’s a big heavier.

As ever, give them a listen and if you like what you hear drop them a line and let them know!

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