New Band of the Day: Mortillery

Mortillery [Image source: their fb page]
I know, I know. Another one from Napalm Records. Can I help it if I discovered their YouTube channel recently and they have so many good bands on their books?

Similar to yesterday’s Dust Bolt, Mortillery are a thrash act but they’re definitely a different style. The Canadian five-some are a tad more melodic and faster, and there’s the very obvious difference of having a female vocalist (and another lady doing the bass playing).

The attached video “F.O.A.D.” is a kick-ass introduction to them. Relentless, angry and with more swearing than any uncensored Cartman song from South Park. Vocalist Cara definitely has a bit of range. Where some bands would have who people doing the singing – one harsh, one melodic – she covers both roles really well. Must be hell on the vocal chords!

They have two albums out: Murder Death Kill and the more recent Origin of Extinction, the digipak version of which features what should be three cracking cover versions (including Anthrax’s “Madhouse”).

If you want more information, you can find Mortillery on facebook and via their own web page.

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