New Band of the Day: Kaosmos

Kaosmos [EP cover]
Kaosmos [EP cover]
The San Siro. The Teatro alla Scala. Sforza Castle. Kaosmos.

Milan, Italy, is the hometown of today’s new band. Formed from the dying embers of Eternal Flames (who turned out not to be very eternal) in 2005, they released their debut EP in 2012.

Billing themselves as Heavy/Thrash metal is a fair summation. They hop from speedy, in-your-face guitar-hammering to heavy, pounding rhythms designed to crush rather than flay. Hell, there’s even some softer, near-balladic material and they’ve performed acoustically. Hey, if Slipknot can slip in a slow track or two then why not?

The range of material on the self-titled five-track EP is impressive. Fast, heavy numbers to slow, haunting tracks. Stomping beats to arrhythmic prog-sounding songs. A bit for all metal tastes.

You can find out more about them on facebook, and their page includes links to plenty of their material online. Enjoy the EP’s opening track, “Believe in your Feelings”, below.

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