New Band of the Day: Chomp Chomp Attack

Chomp Chomp Attack [image (c) CCA]
[UPDATE 21st Feb 2014: CCA are now known as Silentts and can be found here on facebook]

Omer from Chomp Chomp Attack followed me on Twitter the other day so, as I usually do, I checked out his band. It’s only polite, right?

CCA hail from Montreal in Canadia (I think “Canada” is a mis-spelling. Otherwise they’d be Canadans, not Canadians) and are a 5-piece playing “post-hardcore/rock”. Their appearance is definitely a bit on the emo side, but their music’s not quite in that genre. Off the top of my head I’d be thinking Bullet For My Valentine, but partly that’s due to their (young) age as well as their sound. I could see them going down well with the BfmV crowd, though. And don’t take that as a bad thing – Bullet surprised the hell out of me with a brilliant show in Glasgow recently.

As with quite a few of the younger bands, CCA have gone to town with the whole social media thing so there’s plenty of material out there to sample. Their own web page is the best place to start with some videos at the top and links to many more.

Their debut EP is available as a download or as a proper CD copy and should make good listening for those into that kind of thing. The sense of humour in their videos also shows a band who are really enjoying what they do – a good signs for the future.

Best of luck to ’em. Give me a shout if you ever reach the UK, guys!

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February 25, 2014 6:22 PM

[…] check out the band. They’re former tour mates of Chomp Chomp Attack (now known as Silentts) who I covered in December […]