New Band of the Day: Bull-Riff Stampede

Bull-Riff Stampede (image source: Reverbnation)

I’m letting these guys queue-jump just a little as I was talking to one of them the other day. Plus they’re on the bill at the Nottingham Headbangers Ball, so they deserve some free pluggage for their good charity. As do a lot of other bands who’ll I’ll get through as time goes on!

There have been a lot of thrash bands no my “New Band” list. Part of it’s just by chance as they’ve got in touch. Part of it is the fact that I like thrash so tend to seek them out. Bull-Riff Stampede are very much a classic thrash band with speedy saw-edge guitars, thudding two-footed bass drums and vocals that would cut through a recently dead pig like a chainsaw through … erm… bacon [look, I’ve had three hours sleep – I think I’m doing well, here].

Pigeon-hole time and I would liken their sound most to Exodus at their (to me) peak – Fabulous Disaster era. The video below is for the kind of track that I love Exodus for. A song that basically says “we play thrash, we love thrash and our music will make your face bleed.” With a title like “Thrashing Machine”, it pretty much sells itself.

With one album out (Scatter The Ground) and another due shortly (Enraging the Beast) they’ve been getting some justifiable praise in the metal press. With luck I’ll catch them at Les-Fest if the Mrs lets me go…

Their official web site has links to their material on pretty much every social media site worth being on. And MySpace.

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