New Band of the Day: Gloryhammer

Chris fronting his other little project (Photo credit: Iain Purdie)

They’re so new that their first album isn’t out yet. In fact, it’s due on March 29th and I’m champing at the bit to get my ears on it.

So, who are they? Well, one name is familiar, to me at least: Christopher Bowes, front man, keytarist and creative force of pirate metallers Alestorm. Also, by all accounts, genuinely nice chap. He’s credited as being the man behind Gloryhammer though this time he’s left vocal duties to Thomas Winkler of Emerald and settled for focussing on keyboards.

The album, Tales From The Kingdom Of Fife, is a concept work set in a fantasy realm which is pretty much Scotland with dragons and wizards and shit. So, Drams & Dragons, then. Or Dungeons & Distilleries.


The story unfolds of a hero, Angus McFife, who ends up in a big battle against some wizard Zargothrax. Probably over some princess or something. Who cares? It’s fun. And as a bonus the music sounds bloody good as well.

One song is freely available on the Intertubes (enjoy it below) and the remainder will be available on CD, vinyl or download on March 29th. If you’re in a rush to purchase it, you can get it direct from Napalm Records by following this big, obvious link here. They even have the t-shirt. It’s metal enough to ward off even a savage axe blow*.

*Probably not actually true. Don’t try it.

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