24 Songs of Xmas 2023: Nova Spei – “Le Père-Noël est une ordure!” (Santa Claus is Garbage!)

Trois-Rivieres, QC’s Nova Spei is back with a new edition of their xmas song “Le Père-Noël est une ordure! – Santa Claus is Garbage!” (Remixed at 100% by Anthony Chognard from CHS Prod) accompanied by a new music video. “Le Père-Noël est une ordure! – Santa Claus is  Garbage!” is an original composition on the theme of a bad Santa from a seedy shopping center who humorously missed his life journey.” adds the band.

Taking the opportunity once again to join Bam Co. Heavy’s second Christmas compilation entitled Noel In Extremis II, the holiday album also features tracks from bands Dizzygoth, The Lookout, Vantablack Warship, Dirty Cheetah, Thrash La Reine, Rope Skills, Demonstöne, Tunguska Mammoth, Obscurcis Romancia, MR.82, and Reanimator. Album Artwork by Filip Ivanović.

On Noël In Extremis II you will discover Christmas classics with a new twist. which will in turn become classic versions themselves. Get ready to sing your favourite Christmas songs spiced up by each of these groups.

This compilation continues its tradition by donating a portion of its profits from each CD sale to help the homeless and less fortunate. Anticipation is high from fans of previous compilations. Noel In Extremis compilations have become prized and sought-after cult collection items.

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Check out our collated seasonal playlist, with all the Spotify-able tracks we’ve featured over the last few years

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