24 Songs of Xmas 2023: Lost and Found – “Where Are You Christmas”

Hot on the heels of the comeback of Canadian melodic rock band Fatal Vision in 2022, lead singer Simon Marwood, who co-founded the band in 1988, has taken another big step forward! In the spring of 2023, while recording duets with his singing partner, upcoming Nashville singer Christine Corless, the emotions and melodies in the tracks were magical, and a thought began to form… “People say our voices fit together like a glove. We did a country record together and charted the first single” – Marwood said, “and I thought ‘hang on. There’s nothing like this in melodic rock!”

And so was born Lost and Found, a modern, hard rock duo, reminiscent of Starship, with big AOR rock tracks, powerful duets and dreamy ballads, done with heart, passion and a phenomenal musical underpinning. Enlisted first was genre veteran and the King Midas of Melodic Rock, Alessandro Del Vecchio, as producer and keyboardist. The trio then enlisted the cream of the crop of musicians, with Ron Wikso (Steve Miller Band, Cher, Richie Sambora, Foreigner, David Lee Roth) on drums, Vinny Burns (Dare, Asia, Ultravox, Ten) on guitars, and the legendary Leland “Lee” Sklar (The Section, James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Phil Collins, Toto and over 2K albums as a session and touring musician) coming onboard.

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Simon Marwood:

My first name was Ron Wikso on drums, who I’d had in mind for some years if I ever did anything solo. I loved him on the second The Storm album and of course he’s been with Cher, David Lee Roth, Foreigner, Steve Miller. Next up was guitar and Alessandro suggested Vinny Burns. I saw him tour with Asia in 1992, and he shreds up the first two Ten albums, so I was all over that. For bass, I said “do you think there’s any chance we can get Lee Sklar”, half-joking. Emails were sent, and boom! Ale does all of the keys, my friend Paul Laine jumped on with backing vocals, and there it is!

This powerhouse lineup is beginning by giving us a special Christmas gift: “Where Are You Christmas?” and “O Holy Night”, two cover songs dedicated to this unique moment of the year, but with the deep rocking spirit that will define Lost and Found’s song!

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