Advent 2022: Scarlet Aura – Feliz Navidad

Wait a second! It’s December again and the most wonderful time of the year has just started! This also means it’s the time for the annual Scarlet Aura’s Metal Christmas Single!

Finishing 2022 on a highlight note after unforgetful “Rock United by Scarlet Aura” concept concert in October that brought Queen of Metal herself, Doro Pesch, and one of the most recognizable male voices on the metal scene, Ralf Scheepers, to Bucharest as special guests, this holiday season Scarlet Aura presents a new metal version of a timeless classic “Feliz Navidad”.

Besides the band appearing in the video, we also have our team and… even our cats. All four of them! And we also have a very special guest on vocals that we are both immensely proud to have on this record. Who is the special guest, you ask? Watch and listen our single to find out!.

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Check out our Xmas Spotify Playlist, featuring every available track from this year… and every previous year!

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