Advent 2021: Plum Project – “Prepare for Christmas Day” (in aid of Cancer Research)

We usually limit ourselves to a song each day, but there are so many damn seasonal tracks this year that we’re just going to cram in as many as we can this year! Charity singles, of course, get even more special-er treatment…

“Prepare for Christmas Day” is a one-off single from Plum who has started a whole project to promote it. The system is simple – listen, enjoy, download and give money to a superb cause via this Cancer Research donation link, or grab the track from their Bandcamp page. I mean, how easy is that?

The song is a simple, seasonal rocker and nicely tongue-in-cheek. While not being the story of a single Christmas Day from the memory of the writer it will inevitably have many of you going “hey, I remember something like that happening to us!”.

So scroll down, hit play and remember that you can also help to give cancer a really crap Christmas by donating to a charity helping to get rid of the damn thing.

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Check out our Xmas Spotify Playlist, featuring every available track from this year… and every previous year!

Plum Project: facebook | twitter | bandcamp | youtube

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