Advent 2021: Avatar – “Construction of Souls”

We usually limit ourselves to a song each day, but there are so many damn seasonal tracks this year that we’re just going to cram in as many as we can this year!

In festive spirit, Avatar are bringing Christmas to metal with new single “Construction of Souls”. Now, the heavy metal’n’roll dark madcap visionaries present the world with their take on the Christmas single, which you can listen to now.

Speaking about “Construction of Souls”, Avatar say:

This song will be to Christmas songs what Die Hard is to Christmas movies. It wasn’t intended to be that, but ultimately, it makes a lot of sense. It’s about us — meaning the robots taking over the great human project of our ancestors, building our way out of the planet on sandy soils, saturated with the withering bones of our ancestors.

The track is to be released together with a children’s book portraying the ‘not-very child-friendly everyday life’ in Santa’s workshop in the parallel universe of Avatar.

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