Advent 2020 Day 15: Ransom – “A Christmas Held To Ransom”

One of the traditions of Christmas is the food. And cheese is a food. And this song is rife with cheese. Harking back to the quality days of the lighthearted seasonal rock classics, Ransom play on their tribute roots with this brilliantly cheerful anthem. There now follows all of the PR hyperbole, every word of which is true. In the spirit of things I will throw in a pun as well and proclaim this song a genuine Christmas cracker!

After a year most would rather forget it’s time to move on! Time to embrace the season to be jolly! Time to start smiling again! To reconnect with the inner child inside of you! To rediscover the true meaning and magic of Christmas! In fact we are gonna hold you to Ransom until your own little fairytale comes true!

“A Christmas held to Ransom” is the new single from Ransom following hard on the heels from their hugely successful debut EP Halfway to Hell, swapping Hell’s bells for Sleigh bells. This is a great fist in the air festive “Ranthem” evoking memories of every Christmas wish you had as a child. Incorporating pantomime lyrics in a throwback to yesteryear. It’s the only song you’ll wanna sing this year, as we kick 2020 into touch and look to a brighter happier future for us all.

Ransom: official | facebook | spotify | youtube

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