Advent 2020 Day 3: Ryan Hamilton w/Emily Capell – “Christmas Wish”

An original song penned by the Texan star, this pared-back piano ballad finds Hamilton in a tender duet with rising London singer/songwriter, Emily Capell.

“Christmas Wish” is a fictional story of a separated couple yearning to repair their relationship over the holiday season. As fragile as a snowflake, but with a warming message of peace, goodwill and love at its core, it’s a song that will inevitably melt the hearts of the many who are contemplating a Christmas apart from loved ones this year.

Speaking of the concept behind the song, Hamilton says:

Writing an original Christmas song is not easy. I guess it’s why most artists just cover older ones! Haha. But, like some sort of unexpected Christmas magic, this idea appeared. A guy, alone at Christmas, with a gift under the tree for his lost love. That part comes from a very personal place. But, I took it upon myself to rewrite the story, and give it a beautiful, heartwarming ending. I mean, it’s Christmas after-all!

You can grab the single online now!

Ryan Hamilton: official | facebook | twitter

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