Advent 2020 Day 23: Bootyard Bandits – Christmas No. 1

Bootyard Bandits are extremely excited to announce the release of their new Christmas single: “Christmas No. 1”, alongside the highly anticipated Lego stop motion video, which can be watched below.

In true Bootyard Bandits style, this anti-Christmas anthem is an infectiously catchy fusion of rock, country and metal, which, as always, is delivered with tongue firmly in cheek. To accompany the track, the band produces yet another hilariously risqué Lego stop motion video, which features an all-star Christmas cast like you’ve never seen before!

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The band comments:

We wrote a Christmas song and, we think y’all will agree, it’s the best Christmas song in the world. As such, we named it “Christmas No. 1”! Mariah Carey, no one cares what you want for Christmas. Michael Buble, we got news for ya; Santa Claus ain’t comin’ to town. Cliff Richard, you can take your mistletoe and your wine and shove ‘em right up your bum. Christmas 2020 is a Bootyard Bandit Christmas!

Hailing from Worcester, the country rock five-piece gained attention amongst the media with their hilariously gruesome Lego stop-motion video for the single Hoedown Showdown.
The band has already gained quite the reputation for their quirky, fun and energetic live shows after touring all over Europe with pirate metallers Alestorm and ambushing their way across the UK as special guests to Massive Wagons.

Bootyard Bandits: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube

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