Advent 2020 Day 20: Raised By Owls (and friends) – “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

No stranger to poking a little fun at Xmas, Raised By Owls bring their next Christmas single – another collaboration with various artists on the extreme scene, and of epic proportions. Forty-five contributors!

The band’s material is usually for free, however this track is released in aid of raising funds for the homeless charity, Crisis. You can grab it now on Bandcamp.

So who’s on the track?

Scotty & Laurie – Street Soldier, Dave – Benediction, Karl – Memoriam, Carlos – Serrabulho, Rob – Beyond Your Design, Dan – Raging Speedhorn, Stony – Party Cannon, Dr. Hell – Evil Scarecrow, Gary – Ten Foot Wizard, Kam – Massacre, Matt – Slugdge, Dez – Foetal Juice, A/V – Abduction, Nicky – Nekrogoblikon, Duncan – Vulvodynia, Millie – Basement Torture Killings, Ross – Countless Skies, Russ – Footprints In The Custard, Jut – Divine Chaos, Katie – I Saw The World Burn, Darryl – This Is Turin, Kieran – Ashen Crown, Harry – Embodiment, Luke – Mortishead, Michelle – Impavidus, Stuart – BrianBlessed, Tony – Bloodthread, Abi – Underdark, Liam & Chris – Hellfekted, Ash – Pemphigoid, Michael – Mad Spanner, Ryan – Sodomized Cadaver, Steve – Democratus, Paula – Helgrind, Jonny – Incursion, Matt – Anakim, Andy – The Crawling, Matteus – Total Consumption, Thomas – Devastator, Geoff – Oncology Tetanus, Jabb, Bloody Sunday, Colin Thunderskull, & Vigorous Footjob – Bleating Apocalypse, Arthur – Boycott The Baptist, Daniel – Reaper, Rob – Chestburster

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