Advent 2020 Day 14: The Kimberly Steaks – “Stay Another Day”

As the season progresses, it’s great seeing how many bands are releasing songs with a charity aspect raising money for worthy causes. Time to add another to the list…

Glasgow punk rockers The Kimberly Steaks have released a cover (apparently – anyone heard the original?) of a song called “Stay Another Day”. It was a Christmas number 1, I gather, hence qualifying for our Advent list.

You can nab it from Bandcamp, and all monies raised will be heading in the direction of Glasgow SE Food Bank. I’m sure at this time of year in particular they’ll be glad of all they can get.

The song is packaged with another three tracks (“Out of Life”, “Self Medication” and “Not Ready”) so you’re getting up to four cracking tunes for your pennies, as well as a warm fuzzy feeling for helping other people out. You can buy them individually or in a one-off for the huge sum of “name your own price”. It’s the season of giving, folks, so I recommend you embrace this – heartily!

The Kimberly Steaks: facebook | instagram | bandcamp | youtube

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