Advent 2020 Day 13: The Dollyrots – A Very Dollyrots Christmas

We’re really spoiling you today, or rather The Dollyrots are, but giving you not one but twelve songs. They’ve released a Christmas album for the enormous price of “free” and which is available to download via this Dropbox link. Seriously, how can you not? If you feel the urge to give them a few pennies for it, then it’s also available as “pay what you want including nothing” from Bandcamp.

The album can also be streamed on the usual places such as Spotify and Apple Music.

For those who prefer their music a bit more physical, you can get it as a round, flat thing from their store (signed if you wish) for only $8 plus shipping, etc. I mean, come on. That’s virtually vost price, not including the incalculable amount of love and talent that’s gone into it. And look at the Dollytots. How can you not want to help put food in their bellies this festive season?

Oh, and if you want to feel warm and cosy while you listen to it, then pop the virtual fire on and crank up the volume to the video below.

The Dollyrots: official | facebook | twitter | instagram | youtube | myspace | bandcamp | myshopify

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