12 Songs of Xmas: Sniper – All I Want For Christmas (Is To Rock)

Nerdist is one of those websites that chucks loads of cool stuff at you on a regular basis. A nerd’s go-to for film trailers, reviews and the like. The guy who started it, Chris Hardwick, played Stacee Jaxx in the initial run of the stage musical Rock of Ages which was written by a mate of his – yes, the ones the film’s based on. I saw it in Glasgow a couple of years back and I just wish it would come around again. Anyway…

When the musical hit Broadway, Hardwick was approached to reprise his role but turned it down for various reasons but was later asked if he’d like to submit a Christmas song for a licensed album. The song, which you can hear below, was a little too suggestive for the album but he decided to record it with one of his friends anyway. It’s a cracking track and fits in perfectly with the Rock of Ages ethos.

You can read the whole story behind the track on Nerdist, and download the song – for free – as an mp3 over there as well. Our present to you. Well… Nerdist’s.


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