12 Songs of Xmas: Suman Biswas / Amateur Transplants

santa_rock_starOK, so I know this one is a far cry from being a rock/metal post. On the other hand, if you buy the albums they’re from then you’re donating cash to a good cause, which is very definitely a  metal attitude.

Suman is one half of what was Amateur Transplants up until 2011. At that time, the duo split with Adam Kay keeping the name of the “band” while continuing as a solo act. If you’ve got a puerile sense of humour then you will most definitely enjoy their gutter-level songs about pee, poo, extreme bondage, medical malpractice and going postal on delayed London Underground trains.

Suman’s album benefits Lifebox (a global health provision charity), whilst the Amateur Transplants catalogue aids Macmillan Cancer Support.

[original album link for purchasing purposes]*

Adam released an album quite recently and Suman’s dropped about a fortnight ago. I’ve got both and can state that they’re a lovely guilty pleasure but definitely not something I’ll be playing to the kids at work (I’m a teacher) unless I decide to retire early.

In the interests of fairness, here’s a track each from them – both with a Christmas theme. If you like them, then please buy the albums!

* I can’t get the bandcamp link to work for Suman’s track – an ongoing issue with random albums on the site – so I’ve uploaded it here. It is a free download (one of four from the album) so I don’t think I’m treading on any toes, especially when I’m using it to advertise and hopefully convince you to spend money on the thing!

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