Fortune Teller tell us their musical influences

Fast rising Welsh punk crew, Fortune Teller surge onwards with the release of their alluring debut EP, Premonitions, out on Friday 29th March. The rampant tunesmiths have also just released their massively contagious single and video, “Jump Ship” (video below). We connected with the band and asked the guys to exclusively reveal the tracks that have greatly influenced their hooky sound:

Lee (bass guitar & backing vocals): Home Grown – “You’re Not Alone”

Home grown was a band that drastically influenced my music style, it was bands like them Blink 182, Good Charlotte, etc. that paved the way for most bands that I listen to today. If I had to pick a song it would have to be “You’re Not Alone”.

Mason (vocals): Sum 41 – “In Too Deep”

To be honest this track holds a special spot in my heart as one of the tracks that really introduced me to the genre of pop punk that I call home today. The energy was loud, and the drumbeat was a driving force that kept me hooked. The track helped start the obsession that drives my music today.

Josh (drums): Blink 182 – “Feeling This”

“Feeling This” must be my favourite Blink 182 song and Travis is arguably my favourite drummer. I just remember hearing that opening drum beat for the first time and immediately thinking I must learn it! I also just love how the song strips itself back for the chorus, not a typical approach.

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Luke (rhythm guitar): Knuckle Puck – “Pretense”

Had to be added! What better way to start a song than to come in balls deep with some fast guitars! Absolute belter, definitely had an impact on my writing (at least what I aspire to write anyway) the whole song is just crammed with fast paced, heavy hitting melodic riffs. What’s not to love?

Aaron (lead guitar): Bullet For My Valentine – “The Poison”

The influence of BFMV’s “The Poison” really shines in our song “Jump Ship”, where I rocked a solo that’s pretty rare for pop punk. It’s all about bringing that metal edge into our vibe, making “Jump Ship” stand out with its unique blend of genres.

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