Exclusive Track-By-Track: Ashen Reach – “The Fear”

Unstoppable Brit hard-hitters and recent Headline Act Ashen Reach continue their rise with the release of their greatly anticipated new EP, The Fear, out this Friday (22nd March). We checked in with the band who give us this exclusive breakdown about the EP

The Fear was written and created as a concept EP highlighting different fears and phobias, and how fear can also be used as a weapon. We wanted to push our sound in a heavier direction as we felt this was a more organic evolution of where we are at musically in our journey as a band. We also believed that the concept of the EP (and its heavy subject matter) was a perfect canvas for our new sonic palette.

The band go on and take us through the tracks on the record:

01 – GHOSTS (video)

We’ve all had that feeling, where we are not alone, being watched, or in the presence of something ominous, we took this and expanded it as if we were urban exploring and accidentally encountered some negative energy that did not take too well to our presence.

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02 – D1V1DE

This fear effects each and every person on the planet (both knowingly and unknowingly), and it refers to fear being used a weapon by politics/news outlets/social media and in person verbally as fear creates separation and weakness, enabling evils to succeed in this world. (the 1V1 in the word D1V1DE symbolises being pitted against each other).


The Fear of something new or the fear of change, this could be demonstrated in anything from your favourite band changing styles, the emergence of artificial Intelligence (A.I.), to life altering incidents and changes. All of these bring a very special form of fear as it can be different for each person.

04 – THE DARK (video below)

This is a more specific fear, although a fear of the dark is classed as the most common fear/phobia, we wanted to play with this idea further by the introduction of occult themes, such as Ouija Boards and evil/malicious entities being summoned by people not taking it seriously, by thinking they are playing simple games, which ultimately lead to dire consequences.

05 – LOST (video)

The fear of being lost at sea, alone, no hope, no help, no chance…..and coming to terms with all of this and slowly accepting your own death.”

Ashen Reach are Kyle Martyn Stanley, Jess Stanley, Paddy Cummins and Joe O’Sullivan.

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