Moshville Times World Tour: “E”

Heavy metal, with its thunderous riffs and roaring vocals, transcends borders, reaching all corners of the globe. In the world of metal, countries starting with the letter “E” offer a diverse array of bands that bring their unique flavors to the genre. Here are four heavy metal acts from these “E-list” nations that deserve a spot on your playlist:

1. Egypt: Scarab
Hailing from the land of pharaohs, Scarab is a death metal juggernaut that blends ancient Egyptian themes with a modern, brutal sound. With albums like Serpents of the Nile and Martyrs of the Storm, Scarab delivers intense, technical compositions that transport listeners to a sonic realm where history meets extreme metal.

2. Estonia: Metsatöll
Estonia presents Metsatöll, a folk metal band that draws inspiration from Estonian folklore and nature. With a unique sound that incorporates traditional instruments alongside heavy guitar riffs, Metsatöll’s albums like Hiiekoda and Karjajuht offer a captivating journey through the band’s cultural roots expressed in a heavy metal context.

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3. El Salvador: Apes of God
From the heart of Central America, Apes of God emerges as a force in El Salvador’s metal scene. Their music, characterized by aggressive riffs and powerful vocals, reflects the intensity of the region. Tracks like “Cycles of Theosophy” and “Primordial Abomination” showcase Apes of God’s ability to deliver visceral and impactful metal compositions.

4. England: Judas Priest
England, a heavy metal stronghold, has produced legendary acts, and Judas Priest stands tall among them. With a career spanning decades and iconic albums like British Steel and Painkiller, Judas Priest is synonymous with the classic heavy metal sound. Their influence on the genre is immeasurable, making them a must-listen for any metal enthusiast.

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These bands from Egypt, Estonia, El Salvador, and England showcase the global reach of heavy metal, proving that the genre’s power knows no boundaries. Whether drawing from ancient history, cultural roots, or delivering classic heavy metal anthems, these “E-list” bands contribute to the rich tapestry of the global metal community. So, crank up the volume and let the echoes of power from these diverse nations resonate through your speakers.

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