Exclusive: Icantdie – ‘Errors’ EP Track By Track

Highly-flying Welsh post-hardcorers (and former Headline Act) Icantdie detail their savage new EP, Errors, on Friday 17th November. With such a captivating sound, we asked the band to exclusively breakdown the EP and offer up a track by track account of the release:


Hater is a song that dives into the attitude of imposter syndrome. It focuses on the anxiety of social rejection, and the need for that small bit of serotonin that comes from acceptance from our friends and family. But unfortunately, the high is short lived. The music we really wanted to do something different, so even though the track has a trademark heaviness to it, we wanted to start a somewhat vaudevillian feel to make it creepier. We really felt this added to the tone of the subject in question.

Follower (video below)

Follower is lyrically one of our favourites. The song is about Kyle’s time on live streaming, mostly Twitch. Although we love twitch and have a handful of streamers we follow, stretching out its core plan it has a lot of similarities to Televangelism in the US. That’s where the song gives an exasperated depiction of live streaming, sending money, and paying for a shout out to someone you hardly know.

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Teaser (video)

Teaser is no doubt one of our most deepest songs. There is only so much we can explain about this song but the main focus of the song is based around the insecurities of vanity and attraction. It’s a very personal negative trait that has lead to a lot of dangerous attitudes in people. In this case it’s a self deprecating trait when focused on a negative depiction of ones self. Our last song “Counter” kind of focuses on the same idea, but “Teaser” is more of a “grosser sequel” to it.


Vaunter lyrically was inspired by a number of talks between Kyle and Sam about the music industry. We became fascinated yet enraged about a practice of music production where creativity is a dirty word. Its link to the EPs theme is the stress, anxiety and anger music creation can bring and how its ubiquity makes a long process of work barely make a splash.


Reaper, our last track of the EP wraps the theme and is mostly about a person that suffers from suicidal ideation, the character goes through all the areas discussed in the previous tracks and uses them as examples to no longer exist. The thing is, everything goes awry when all of this person’s self-hate is then justified by everyone else and even gets a visit from the grim reaper to take him. In the end, the person flip-flops, thinking it’s too much work, and decides to get drunk again, and the cycle will begin anew.

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