Stream Part Time Signals’ debut album a day early!

Part Time Signals is the new project formed by Sock vocalist and guitarist Jacob Church. The band came together initially by taking demo ideas written by Jacob. When introduced to a live band setting they grew into the form they take on this record. Part Time Signals features the talents of Sam Barnes (bass), Gavin Jenkins (drums) and Michael Blanchfield (keys).

All songs on the album were tracked one hot day in August 2022 at Chapter Arts Centre Cardiff, followed by a few days recording additional overdubs. The album was mixed by Sam Barnes and mastered by Eddie Al-Shakarchi. And you can listen to the whole thing below!

Another Day In Paradise is a journey through the days. It will be released on a limited run of 100 vinyl copies and across all digital platforms on October 20th. The artwork photo is by Jacob Church with typography and layout by Rich Chitty.

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