Moshville Times World Tour: “B”

Heavy metal, with its thunderous riffs and powerful vocals, knows no borders. From iconic acts to emerging talents, countries beginning with the letter “B” have birthed some incredible metal bands. Here are five must-listen heavy metal acts from these nations that are destined to leave you headbanging:

1. Brazil: Sepultura
From the vibrant metal scene of Brazil emerges Sepultura, a band that has defined the thrash metal genre. With albums like Chaos A.D. and Roots, Sepultura’s aggressive sound and socially conscious lyrics have earned them a dedicated fan base worldwide.

2. Belgium: Aborted
Belgium’s contribution to extreme metal comes in the form of Aborted, a death metal band known for their brutal and technical approach. Their albums such as The Necrotic Manifesto and TerrorVision showcase their unrelenting intensity and mastery of the genre.

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3. Bolivia: Alcoholika La Christo
Bolivia contributes to the metal world with Alcoholika La Christo, a band known for their energetic performances and unique fusion of metal and traditional Bolivian music elements. Their album La Era de la Decadencia showcases their innovative approach to metal, making them a standout presence in the South American metal scene.

4. Belarus: Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum
Belarus offers a truly avant-garde experience with Eximperituserqethhzebibšiptugakkathšulweliarzaxułum (often abbreviated as Eximperitus). This technical death metal band’s complex compositions and enigmatic themes, showcased in their album Šahrartu, challenge the boundaries of the genre.

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5. Bahrain: Lunacyst
Representing the metal scene in Bahrain, Lunacyst brings a dose of extreme metal with their aggressive sound and powerful stage presence. Their album Avoidance of Inhumanity highlights their ferocious energy and skilled musicianship, making them a band to watch in the global metal landscape.

These bands from Brazil, Belgium, Bolivia, Belarus, and Bahrain demonstrate the diversity and talent within the heavy metal genre, proving that great metal knows no geographical bounds. Each band brings its unique style and influences, enriching the global metal community and delighting metal enthusiasts worldwide.

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