Exclusive track by track feature: King Of The Dead – The Summoning

Highly energetic alternative rockers, King of the Dead unveil their scorching new EP, The Summoning, with an accompanying full comic book, on Friday. King of the Dead are telling a story through a series of songs, videos and updates from an enigmatic masked individual, the Familiar. As described by the trio, he is the public face of the band – an individual that sits between worlds – the earthly realisation of secretive ancient forces. The Familiar gives this exclusive breakdown of the tracks that make up the band’s incoming EP:


Control sets the scene. The song is about feeling crushed by the weight of the world. It is when you are backed into a corner and feel you have to act. A resistance to an indifferent world.

Destroy My Name

This song is about purging yourself of the shackles of everything you have ever been and becoming something else. It is the anger you feel and the fury of your actions.

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Running Out Of Time

“Running Out Of Time” channels the restlessness of standing still. It’s about being forced to make a choice in the heat of the moment as a consequence of inaction, one that you might not understand at the time. The song acts as a metamorphosis of the real to the ethereal.


“Damned” is a moment of clarity. The sadness you feel when you reflect on the mistakes you have made. It is a realisation that some doors, once opened, cannot be shut.

With Love

This song is the acceptance of the cost of your will. It is only at that point that you can let go of despair and fortify yourself to face your fate. All hope is not yet lost.

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