Eternal Returns – have a sneaky listen to their new single!

Hailing from Mumbai, Eternal Returns are here to assail your earholes with a new song… and we have it for you a few hours before its official release!

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The band have a few words about “Flesh Robot”:

“Flesh Robot” talks about a biomech hybrid, where pregnant females are kept in captivity to reproduce the perfect biomechanical children for a better race. Flesh Robot’s ambience or background can be some sort of a bizarre mechanistic circus for creating perfect humans. The experiment causes the balance of earth to shift and resulting in havoc and eventually a biomechanical doomsday.

We have actually used our vocalist’s new born baby’s heart beat in the song to make it as memorable as possible.

The recording was done in One Stop Music (Thane) and production work along with mixing and mastering was done By Shankul Chavan from Pitchfork Studios (Nashik). Shankul also did a guitar solo performance in the track.

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Eternal Returns: officialfacebook | twitter | instagram | spotifysoundcloud | youtube

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