Track Premier: Blessings – “The Hound”

Fancy something heavy to round up your afternoon? Then we have a treat for you with “The Hound” from Swedish crusty/hardcore/postrock noise merchants Blessings! The song comes from the band’s upcoming release Biskopskniven – out on May 21st.

There are elements of hardcore, punk, crust, noise rock, heavy post rock and indie rock in Blessings’ sound… there are moments that remind of At The Drive In and moments that remind of Converge, sometimes even in the same track, and the Gothenburg 4-piece merges these very disparate ends of the spectrum of heavy guitar music into a cohesive, intriguing and idiosyncratic sound.

The driving force behind Blessings has always been the shared attitude and chemistry between the band members, all coming from a DIY punk/hardcore background, and having paid their dues in hardtouring bands like Anchor, Gust, Disavow, Obstruktion, Nightbloomer, Amalthea, Gamla Pengar, Fä and Swedish indie-legends Chester Copperpot.

Check it out below and get excited for May 21st!

Blessings: bandcamp | spotify

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