Early Listen: Mercurious release their immersive new single “The Fade”

Brisbane based prog rock quartet Mecurious release their immersive new single “The Fade”. “The Fade” is a multi-layered, complex in its construction, varied and dramatic track that showcases the remarkable diversity that is characteristic of its composers.

This vibrant single treats the listener to savagely powerful riffs, groovy bass and drum rhythm patterns, anthemic choruses, technical yet melodic fretwork, and soaring orchestral layers showcasing a band that is bold and confident in their signature sound. The instrumentation oscillates between ferocious riffs curating inevitable tension and encapsulating spacious passages providing a colorful soundscape for Rhys Bryant’s dynamic vocals.

Vocalist Rhys Bryant on the new single:

“Fade” is about a hypnotherapy session that I had where I experienced an alternate reality. In this altered state, I experienced a different life as an alien lifeform. During this session, I witnessed many incredible things, including my own death. This death involved a cataclysmic solar event which I was trying to prevent, resulting in the death of an entire extraterrestrial armada. This experience was followed by a discussion with what could be described as my higher consciousness. The song explores the idea of reincarnation, feeling the burden of empathy and finding purpose and meaning in one’s human experience.

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Coming off a successful release of their latest single “Revelation” which garnered Mercurious national and international press, “The Fade” is an impressive composition to be added to the band’s growing repertoire. With more new music in the works, Mercurious are showing absolutely no signs of slowing down!

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James Notter
James Notter
May 30, 2021 1:36 PM

This music is very interesting and inventive, incorporating conventional (because they’re great) melodies and harmonies and blending them with unconventional melodies. It makes for a listening experience which is attention holding and intriguing, and that’s perhaps one of the key components of great music. This song has all of the features that make great music, one of them being suspense and another being the element of surprise. When parts of a song can take a listener’s mind to the place of suspense and expectation and hold it there for just long enough to then satisfy their expectations, that’s what makes… Read more »