Track by Track: Recall The Remains – “Dead Dreams”

Rising UK metalcorers (and previous Band of the Day) Recall The Remains are set to unleash their debut EP, Dead Dreams, which arrives on Friday 5th March. The Brit heavyweights are creating a stir at the moment, so we asked the guys to give us an exclusive track by track breakdown of the EP:

Darker Path – (

Grief can be an emotion like no other. Glutinous and heavy, saturated, and empty, seething and nothing. ‘Darker Path’ portrays the wealth of manipulation that can be felt and embraced in our darkest hours, and how sometimes those feelings can seem to rule us. Take us to places we don’t want to go, lead us down an endless and irrefutable path. The darkness pushing you deeper, the memories chasing you further. Feel the weight of all those emotions and flee the invisible trepidation we all face. Who’s to rule?

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Our Hell

The long road of sacrifice we all have to walk makes us who we are. It makes us see that in ‘Our Hell’ the depths are forsaken, and our dictators unmasked. United in purpose, burn through the cloak of defeatism and stand up to the haunting from your past. Purify yourself and redefine your purpose. Our Hell is where we make our stand. It is our catalyst to the end.

The Night Will Bleed

Further into the depths, spiralled in a trap. Surrounded by the worst parts of ourselves, allowing them to consume us in a ruinous sacrilege of self-masochism. When the darkness takes hold and the apparition festers, you must fight with all you have. ‘The Night Will Bleed’ is our lowest place of fear and strife. When the demon holds your liberation, there is no point in hiding. You are not alone.”

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