Crostpaths: new EP track-by-track

Fast-rising alt-metal crew (and former Band of the Day) Crostpaths reveal their explosive new EP, Mutated, this Friday. Frontman Ritchie Murray Jack exclusively gave us this track by track breakdown of the cuts on the record:


This one does exactly what it says on the tin. It has an almost Rob Zombie-esque intro, but a friend of ours said the whole thing reminded them of The One Hundred, which is a massive compliment!

It was actually the last song to be completed for the EP as we’d only just gotten the instrumental tracked days before lockdown. The vocals were recorded months later so we really took our time to focus on the hooks. Naturally it’s ended up being the most vocally packed song we’ve written to date.


Probably the bounciest most rambunctious track we’ve got in our arsenal so far.

Absolutely riddled with 90s nu-metal and hardcore vibes. My brain decided to go dark with the lyrics, almost as if to spite the joyful bop of the riffs and beats from Mikey and Mace.
It’s a song about embracing depression rather than trying to hide it.

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Mikey had this riff in his back pocket not long after we’d put out the first EP last year. The second I heard it, I insisted it was built to be a professional wrestler’s ring walk music.

So myself and Owain took that and ran with it. That’s why the lyrics are almost bombastic and larger than life in their positivity, as they were written more from a fictional character’s perspective than from a real person… But it still feels damn good to play that role sometimes!

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