Track By Track: Red Spektor – Heart of the Renewed Sun

Recent Band of the Day Red Spektor have released a track by track guide for their second album. Following their critically acclaimed debut album — cited by Metal Hammer as ‘continuing their ascension to the heights of stoner rock royalty’, along with successful tours and festival appearances, Red Spektor are back with their second opus Heart of the Renewed Sun, soon-to-be-released on the revered Kozmik Artifactz label. Staying true to their roots by recording reel-to-reel, the bands second offering is tighter, harder, with psychedelic overtones and focussed songwriting that brings social commentary and further musical experimentation to their table.

Track 1

‘Warflower’ opens up the record with a bang. With a fast paced off-beat, fuzzed-up guitar work and thumping bass lines, it takes the listener on a magic carpet ride with just enough rest-bite during the psychedelic middle-eight before jettisoning off again.

Track 2

’Revol’ or ‘LOVER’? Now a favourite live staple and described as ‘War of the Worlds’ on acid, the band ensure it’s more ‘War ON THE World’, with lyrics that question social integrity using enough musical bombast and an anthemic chorus to drive the message home.

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Track 3

‘Masquerade’ – Dark, moody and sinister. ‘Masquerade’ weaves, turns and lyrically spits out a juxtaposition of evil versus divine content. The song has it all; musical stabs, staunch rhythms, hard hitting riffs, guitar pot-swells and strong melodies.

Track 4

‘Gilded Tears’ – Muted as ‘Pink Floyd-esque’ Red Spektor use ‘Gilded Tears’ as a vehicle to experiment with their sound, using an avant-garde approach to create tidal moodswings which go to hell and back again whilst being sonically uplifting.

Track 5

‘Long Way Down’. Opening with echoes of musical confusion, ‘Long Way Down’ comes together with a mission to take the back wall out on arrival. A rock ‘n’ roll tour-de-force with heavy bass laden choruses, a spaced-out mid-section ending with a spiralling outro guitar solo. Cehck oit the video –

Track 6

Violet Sun (video below) – Vintage in vibe and heavy on groove. ‘Violet Sun’, is a track that could have sleazily lurched out of the clubs in late ’60s and early ’70s downtown Detroit. It’s filthy, sexy, and reeks of rock ‘n’ roll abandon and carefree tales of decadence.

Track 7

‘Hell To Pay’. A fuzzed-up and super-charged heavy stoner-blues with a slab-dragging bass undercurrent. The penultimate track is a solid guitar-workout that underpins the lyrics which commentate on the agony of modern love and society.

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Track 8

Ivory Towers’. The final track which brings this album to a close, uses tricks from the Jeff Beck school of guitar artillery, gliding over the strong melodic source of the song offered by the fluid bass work. Words of pain and anguish tackle the topic of never really understanding why we have to comply with the powers that be.

Red Spektor release Heart of the Renewed Sun, on Friday 2nd October, via Kozmik Artifactz.

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