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Know about the best Soundtracks of Casino Movies

Every great video requires a good soundtrack; several of the most classic moments captured in the film have been accompanied by a piece of music that will stay indelibly connected to the action on the bronze display.

Films set in and also around casinos are not any different, and below are arguably the Top Casino Movies of All Time soundtracks to actually hit theatres:

Casino (Various Artists)

When Martin Scorsese and Robert De Niro connected, the outcomes often be amazing, which was undoubtedly the situation with the 1995 discharge Casino.

Scorsese directs as De Niro, participating in Sam’ Ace’ Rothstein, is employed by mobsters to operate the Tangiers Casino in Las Vegas and also make sure that rival gangs do not rub the tight out of the city.

The pint-sized Joe Pesci is De Niro’s right-hand male, while Sharon Stone may be the femme fatale wife in a job that made her an Oscar nomination.

The soundtrack even drew plaudits. It is a diverse assortment, with from blues (I’m Your Hoochie Coochie Man, House on the Rising Sun), to classical (Contempt – Theme de Camille) as well as the 1980s pop (Love would be the Drug, Go the Own Way) of yours.

Ocean’s 11 (David Holmes)

A Hollywood criminal epic starring several of probably the biggest names in the acting community was always going to be a Box Office results. Director Steven Soderbergh just knew he would need a soundtrack to complement the lofty ambitions of his.

Perhaps amazingly, he considered David Holmes, a then little known Irish DJ and producer that was liked through the indie circuit but to taste mainstream achievement.

Nevertheless, a funky soundtrack which helped to create an opulent overall tone as Messrs Clooney, Damon, Pitt & co set about robbing a trio of Vegas casinos was crafted by Holmes.

Rounders (Various Artists)

Matt Damon was a packaging business feeling within the late 1990s, using the likes of Good Will Hunting, Saving Private Ryan, and The Talented Mr. Ripley verifying his status as being a Hollywood heavyweight.

Rounders, launched in’ ninety-eight, isn’t one of the best-loved movies of his, though it is nonetheless an enjoyable romp set worldwide of underground, high stakes poker games.

It went underneath the radar on discharge, although the boom in internet poker, which used shortly after aided the movie to achieve legendary cult status; not minimum because of generally successful supporting functions coming from Edward Norton, John Malkovich as well as Martin Landau.

Anywhere else would you look for the laidback blues of Duke Ellington, the sleek jazz flute of the crunching and gene Krupa guitar chords of Joan Jett in a single spot?

Leaving Las Vegas (Various Artists)

Whether you are a Nicholas Cage fan or perhaps not will most likely find out the enjoyment of yours of Leaving Las Vegas, but this’s undoubtedly the most beautiful piece of his of work – plus one that he received an Oscar for Best Actor for this Top Casino Movies of All Time.

While not set solely in a casino, Cage’s persona – a suicidal author that has just been fired from his job – spends a lot of time frequenting the table’s right after moving to Sin City.

The movie is loaded with pathos and humor in equal measure, so the soundtrack – penned mostly through the movie’s director, Mike Figgis – ticks the cardboard boxes on that particular front.

Additionally, there are extraordinary recordings via Sting, Michael McDonald, and also Don Henley.

Revolver (Nathaniel Mechaly)

When Guy Ritchie teams in place with Jason Statham as well as Ray Liotta, you can obtain a good grasp of the hijinks that’ll typically follow.

Statham plays a flash memory card shark and trickster who finds himself in danger after shooting a rival in the feet, and what uses it is a confused, post-modern look at masculinity and the male ego. And there is lots of swearing.

A bright spot of Revolver will be the soundtrack that had been written nearly solely from the French composer Nathaniel Mechaly. It is a fantastic body of performance, with adjustments in tempo and mood supporting the mind-boggling action correctly. There is new music from the celebrated Ennio Morricone as well as Erik Satie.


This light-hearted Western comedy characteristics Mel Gibson being a flash memory card participant and con artist about to play in a high stakes game of poker. It’s ended up being a Top Casino Movies of All Time due to the charming acting as well as the mild humor in it.

As when it comes to the music on Maverick, it has a number of great state songs with Renegades, Rogues and rebels, A Good Run of Bad Something, and Luck Already Gone the choice of the group. These songs all made an adverse effect on the charts and participate in a huge part in starting the atmosphere.

The Hustler

Viewed as among the most effective gambling films of all occasions, this 1961 movie uses swimming pool hustler Fast Eddie as he appears for a game against the renowned Minnesota Fats.

Cool, jazzy tunes by Kenyon Hopkins is featured by the soundtrack to The Hustler. You’ll perhaps recognize one or 2 of the tracks, because this is such an iconic film that nearly all of us can see at some point.

The Cincinnati Kid

Based on the story of Eric the Kid Stoner, the film is all about a poker player who really wants to be observed as the very best in the company. Steven McQueen is located in the title role within an exhilarating movie that culminates in the final hands of poker had for high stakes.

Lalo Schifrin composed the majority of the songs because of the soundtrack, with Ray Charles showing up near the conclusion to voice The Cincinnati Kid. In case you have never ever heard it before then it’s well worth looking at this soundtrack.

The Gambler

This 2014 film is a crime drama where Mark Wahlberg plays a literature professor who likes gambling. He’s seven days paying off his debt and is pushed into high-risk wagers to try to do this.

In this film, the soundtrack is a fascinating mixture of genres and artists. This will give it an incredibly varied experience that complements the movie ‘s various configurations and changing moods.


It’s not just Hollywood that produces good soundtracks! Check out this list of the top 5 Bollywood Casino Movies.

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